Dinner party…


A lovely place setting! Here is how Edith Wharton may have decorated her table. (Maybe only 8 to 10 people in the party.You will not find a long formal dining table here!) Look to the right of the purple glass, can you see what is in the canister?  Dog biscuits!! She always had a spot at the table for her four legged friends!  (Check out http://www.edithwharton.org for more info!)


A surprisingly warm welcome…


Here is a look inside Edith Wharton’s home. A beautiful and cozy living room. You see the giant mansion that this home is and think that all the furniture will be uncomfortable and the decor beautiful, but cold. You couldn’t be more wrong, Mrs Wharton decorated the way she wanted, not how society told her! I’m sure she stirred up gossip regularly! (Check out edithwharton.org for more info . )

A Grand Entrance…


What a beautiful home! Wish it were mine! This was Edith Wharton’s home in the Berkshires. Walking up to it, you feel like you are traveling back in time. (To the early 1900’s) Check out edithwharton.org for all the details, and keep an eye out for my images of this amazing estate!

Can you see the whale?


Herman Melville’s view while he was writing Moby Dick. He saw a whale in these mountains. If you use your imagination, you will too. A very beautiful and peaceful place.

I love fall…

A hike through the woods and half way up a mountain.  A beautiful afternoon. Even though it is a quick shot with a phone, it is one of my favorites from a weekend trip to the Berkshires !