Frankie waiting for a call…

Enjoying the afternoon sun… Frankie stole Lucy’s smart phone… wonder what call he is waiting for? (corny I know, but it is late and I’m tired, and I love this photo! Love the lighting and his eyes..)

After Allaire….

After our hike through Allaire State Park this past Saturday, Frankie had had enough! He pretty much became one with the sofa… he was beat!

Man’s Best Friend….

Frankie’s days are pretty laid back.. hanging in the sun… following me and Lucy around the house…. and no matter what, he’s always there when I need him! This is why I love dogs 🙂

Quality time….

It’s important for Lucy to have quality time with her mom and dad, but quality time with Frankie is important too! Here we have a furry 3 year old child and a not so furry 8 month old one… here’s hoping they become best of friends!

A Dog’s Life…

ImageFrankie made sure to enjoy the spring like conditions this weekend. A couple long walks, barking at the neighbors, playing keep away in the back yard (Fetch is boring!), and made sure that the WHOLE neighborhood knew about it ! HOWL…. howl….. WOOF!