The Outlander…

birdoutlander-11 The Outlander of sea gulls… at least at this moment! 🙂


Up a tree….

While at the zoo on the weekend, we were followed by birds of all kinds after our popcorn. The peacocks were traveling in pairs around the whole park and zoo area. This one decided just to camp out up in a tree, calling out to his friends. Making a most interesting noise that I can’t even describe. What I found fascinating about this bird in a tree was how his long tail feathers blended it with the pine needles and branches! I had never noticed how well they can camouflage those beautiful colorful feathers..

Sun worshiper…

An early morning bird enjoying the rising sun. (not sure the type of bird, I’m going to try to look it up, but if you know feel free to share!)

Nightly Ritual….

Here’s another photo taken just about a year ago. Long Boat Key, Florida. Sunset. Saw these little guys every night for a week. I would bet that they were the exact same birds I saw every night too! A wonderful way to end their day and mine! (Please excuse the burn out/over exposure of the extremely bright sun!)