Dinner party…


A lovely place setting! Here is how Edith Wharton may have decorated her table. (Maybe only 8 to 10 people in the party.You will not find a long formal dining table here!) Look to the right of the purple glass, can you see what is in the canister?  Dog biscuits!! She always had a spot at the table for her four legged friends!  (Check out http://www.edithwharton.org for more info!)

Frankie waiting for a call…

Enjoying the afternoon sun… Frankie stole Lucy’s smart phone… wonder what call he is waiting for? (corny I know, but it is late and I’m tired, and I love this photo! Love the lighting and his eyes..)

Man’s Best Friend….

Frankie’s days are pretty laid back.. hanging in the sun… following me and Lucy around the house…. and no matter what, he’s always there when I need him! This is why I love dogs 🙂