Was it in a dream….

“Dream, dream away
Magic in the air, was magic in the air?
I believe, yes I believe
More I cannot say, what more can I say? “

-John Lennon, #9 Dream


Is it spring yet?

With the temperature up in the 50’s this weekend (in New Jersey), all I can think of is spring! It is so close and  yet so far away… just imagine what these will be filled with in a few months!

Thinking about Blogging…

a good way to start my new blog..

How to start a new Blog? Seems daunting, debating on anonymous or obvious. It is something I need to start doing. Somewhere that I can vent, share opinions (wanted or not!), give advice (wanted or not!), and just anything else that comes out! I think this will be fun. A challenge to make it interesting…

Today is all about setting the Blog up. Working my way through the wordpress help menu! So, be patient, and check me out tomorrow!