To each his own…


Tell stories, he did! Love this display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


Love this space…


The second floor of The Mount has a beautiful “foyer” type area right at the top of the stairs. Very high ceilings, symmetrical design, large windows… really wonderful space! (just ignore the modern day folding chairs.. )

Dinner party…


A lovely place setting! Here is how Edith Wharton may have decorated her table. (Maybe only 8 to 10 people in the party.You will not find a long formal dining table here!) Look to the right of the purple glass, can you see what is in the canister?  Dog biscuits!! She always had a spot at the table for her four legged friends!  (Check out for more info!)

Can you see the whale?


Herman Melville’s view while he was writing Moby Dick. He saw a whale in these mountains. If you use your imagination, you will too. A very beautiful and peaceful place.

I love fall…

A hike through the woods and half way up a mountain.  A beautiful afternoon. Even though it is a quick shot with a phone, it is one of my favorites from a weekend trip to the Berkshires !