Walking with Mom…


Can’t keep up with Mom walking on the beach. On the hunt for shells daily!


Around the house…

This week I’ve been busy, stressed, a bit tired, and gloomy from the rain. Lucy and I have been hanging around the house, so my inspiration right now is my own home decor. Having fun turning everyday items into art!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Nothing too fancy today, or terribly artistic, but definitely special! Lucy wanted to wish all the Mother’s out there happy mother’s day! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with friends and family! (oh and for this weekend, let someone else do the grocery shopping!) 🙂

Kicking it at home….

Not necessarily a piece of art, but a photograph none the less. Around this house Lucy has the most laundry! 2 to 3 times a week..Just one of the many activities that keep me busy around here!