Hermits hanging around…

While it rained heavily outside, my focus was in the shops along the Wildwood Boardwalk. These colorful hermit crabs captured my eye!


Algae memories…

This small piece of algae washed up during the sunrise and brought back so many memories! Funny, cause it just looks like a slimy little “tree” sticking up from the sand.  I took a Phycology class in college. Everything you ever wanted to know about the biology of algae and seaweed! I was a marine biology major at the time, so it made sense to take the class about what many marine animals would be eating…turns out it was a tough class (and kind of boring, sorry Dr.Liddle !). There are more types of algae than I ever imagined !! Unfortunately, out of sight out of mind, and I don’t know what type this is, but it made for an interesting little reflection shot!

Still not sure what these are….

Saw these on the beach in Long Boat Key last February. Still haven’t figured out exactly what they are. To me they look like pearls on the beach.. but they were soft.. maybe eggs ? egg cases? some other life stage of an organism? They made a really pretty trail on the beach… so that’s good enough for now.. 🙂