Behind the scenes…

While I am running around to get daily chores done, Donovan continues to enjoy his sun spot…but behind the scenes Lucy is focused on her favorite afternoon show (something on Nick Jr.) For now, this is the distance from Lucy that Donovan prefers!

Bringing you back to our house…

Starting a series of “scenery” in our house. Our crazy house filled with animals, adults and a child. Here is one of the more peaceful moments. Donovan searched all over the downstairs until he found the sun. He found it on the back of the sofa and decided to look right into it!

Man’s Best Friend….

Frankie’s days are pretty laid back.. hanging in the sun… following me and Lucy around the house…. and no matter what, he’s always there when I need him! This is why I love dogs 🙂

Donovan the Tabby….

This is our soon to be 7 year old tabby cat, Donovan. We’ve always called him “GQ kitty” cause he can pose and take photos like a pro! I won’t bore you with ALL his photos at once, but don’t be surprised if in the next few days/weeks you start to get to know Donovan a bit better ! Enjoy 🙂

What a face….

Here is my old man, Ichabod.. spends his days just hanging around the house, well actually he is the boss in this house (all of you fellow cat owners will understand that!). He has the best face… it makes him look older, sleepy or angry depending on the day! (He has Ehlers Danlos syndrome which is a collagen disorder, so his skin is very fragile and hangs.) He is a special cat with a special face 🙂