I’m Back!

Hello! It has been 4 years since I’ve blogged. Time to get back into it! I am still taking photos like a mad woman, so I have a lot to share. March was a long month, and in the middle of it we went to Long Boat Key, Florida. Always a wonderful escape. Here is a manatee from Mote Marine Aquarium, it is either Hugh or Buffet, not sure! Can anyone tell?


Kitty ying yang…


 Just a quick snapshot of 2 of the coolest cats taking a nap. (Ichabod (the dark tabby) and Donovan (the light tabby).) I’m really missing Ichabod, and I wonder if Donovan misses his best bud too…  I think I may have posted this photo before, but it is one of my favorites, so enjoy! 🙂

Rocky Sunrise…


Rocks lit up by the rising sun! Sunrises and sunsets are always beautiful, but I always like to turn around. See what the light is doing to the area around me. Something will be lit up enough to catch your eye, even a rock!