Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” Rose Kennedy

¬†This quote is so true. I’m realizing that more and more everyday as I watch my daughter grow at light speed! She has a lot of milestones in her life, but the precious moments are what I’m making sure not to miss. Here she is playing with grandpa’s “to be shredded” pile of papers. Something so simple gives her so much joy! A moment that we won’t forget!

(This is the second part of my submission to Nick Exposed’s Quotography collaboration, take a minute to check out the gallery on his site!)


“Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.” – Socrates

This is my old man tabby, Ichabod. He is somewhere between 12 and 15 years old (he was a stray so no one knows for sure). To me he is beautiful forever, but now he is starting to show his age. The hair is graying.. his skin is sagging.. he has lost quite a bit of weight.. so this once beautiful cat who ran the house, has started to take a step down in the pecking order around here. Now, our younger/more beautiful cat is large and in charge! This seems to be a common cycle.. in the animal world…

(This photo is part of my submission for a creative collaborative photo project brought to you by Nick Mayo, author of Nick Exposed . Check out his site to see the full gallery of submissions! There are so many great photos to enjoy, so enjoy!)