It’s been a few days…


I suddenly realized that I haven’t posted anything since Friday! What have I been doing? Family time on the weekend and now a week at the shore with my daughter and my mother. So, the beach has been monopolizing my time! ย Here is a quick shot of the crusader… a local hotel icon..

(hopefully I’ll have some interesting shots to share next week, when I’m back at home!)

Highlighted clouds…


Today is gloomy. Lucy and I ran a few quick errands and, luckily, made it home just before the big storm. Thunder and lightening galore! I’m enjoying watching the rain out my back windows, but fingers crossed the day ends with some clouds like these. An exclamation point to the end of the day!

Calm and peaceful…

While shooting this sunset, I kept hoping that the sun would stay in this position. Who needs a bright hot day? (This particular day the high temperature was in the 100’s!)

The Sunrise continues….

I was not the only person with a camera on this beach…. As I have said before, this is probably the best reason to be a morning person, actually for me it’s the only reason!

Was it in a dream….

“Dream, dream away
Magic in the air, was magic in the air?
I believe, yes I believe
More I cannot say, what more can I say? “

-John Lennon, #9 Dream

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Here’s another shot from this past weekend in Wildwood Crest, NJ. I love seeing all the color at the beach. The toys from the previous post and the umbrellas in this one! What are the most interesting things in this shot though, are the clouds. This pattern of clouds lasted only a few minutes, as we walked down the beach they faded away. Clouds continue to fascinate me…

A day at the beach….

Wow, 5 days away from my computer, email, Facebook, and blog! I think it’s good to get away from technology every now and then, keep yourself from becoming too dependent on it… so I spent my time away at the Jersey Shore (the real one, not the one most of you are familiar with!). These are not my beach toys, but their colorful layout caught my eye. They are a perfect example of fun at the beach! (I’m also thinking this is what it will look like when Lucy hits the beach next year, we’ll all get a workout digging for her ๐Ÿ™‚ )