Walking with Mom…


Can’t keep up with Mom walking on the beach. On the hunt for shells daily!


Stormy sunsets…

A stormy sunset in Wild Wood Crest, NJ. It was almost monochromatic, which I love just as much as the intense colorful sunsets. Something about this scene makes me think of Quint and Captain Brody taking the Orca out on a fishing trip! Something about the look of the boat.. ahh, one of my favorite movies!

I just may have to become a morning person….

This is sunrise at the “real” Jersey shore, (Wild Wood, NJ). The beach here is one of the biggest beaches I have seen. Love the waves, the rides, and of course the sea gulls! This year we’ll be introducing the shore to our little Lucy… I hope she loves the beach as much as her mommy does!


One Year ago this week….

Last year at this time, we were in Long Boat Key, Florida. One of our favorite spots. During that trip we drove up to Ozello for a guided kayak tour, on the search for manatees! Kayaking was a great “hands off” approach to view these beautiful creatures. We saw quite a few all at once… it was all so quick and sudden when they would come to the surface, that I never got my camera out in time to snap a photo of them. While I was disappointed about not getting a picture, I will NEVER forget when one manatee came right up to the side of our kayak and looked me right in the eyes! He was just looking up saying hello thanks for caring 🙂