Last week’s weekly challenge: Hands

I’m a bit behind in these weekly challenges, but I assume no one will hold it against me 🙂 The “hands” challenge was a tough one. What I learned from this challenge is that I don’t like the look of hands in photos. I guess I’m not a hands photographer. So, I took it another route… Let me know what you think!

A belated weekly challenge: Blue…..

Took Lucy to the zoo for the first time today. It was so much fun, even though she wasn’t really impressed. (She’s only 11 months old and teething, so not too many smiles, but we got a few!) So, I took the opportunity to get some shots of the animals at the Popcorn Park Zoo. It is kind of like a retirement home for abused animals. They do a great job giving these special creatures a second chance at a peaceful life. Unfortunately it is in a zoo, but when you read the stories around the zoo you realize these guys are better off where they are now! (For more information, check out the Humane Society website)