I miss my flip flops…

I miss my flip flops...

In this miserably grey weather, I’m dreaming of sun, sand and flip flops 🙂 (Photo was taken in July 2012 on an early sunrise walk in Wildwood, NJ)


Memorable Sunrise….

Unfortunately this is not what I saw this morning, but I did see it one morning two summers ago! It was such a beautiful sunrise in Wild Wood, NJ. My husband and I lost our flip-flops that morning to the “vacuums” on the beach, but it was worth it! (Next time, I won’t take my flip-flops off!)

Fun, Fun, fun….

One of the Morey’s Piers in Wild Wood, NJ. All the piers are fun, but that ferris wheel is the tallest one I’ve ever been on! Looking forward to the rides, the boardwalk, and of course the fried oreos! 🙂

I just may have to become a morning person….

This is sunrise at the “real” Jersey shore, (Wild Wood, NJ). The beach here is one of the biggest beaches I have seen. Love the waves, the rides, and of course the sea gulls! This year we’ll be introducing the shore to our little Lucy… I hope she loves the beach as much as her mommy does!