On Saturday, we put Lucy in her stroller and Frankie on his leash and went hiking through Allaire State Park . There is a small colonial village and multiple trails through the woods. We hiked the green and red trails. This is one of the views along the way. I love the hidden bridge and of course all the color (yes, i took this shot last fall..). The view looked the same this past Saturday, just minus the red! We had our hands full with Lucy and Frankie so no photos this trip but definitely next time! 🙂 For more info on the park

Florida is not just beaches….

I love the beaches in Florida, but I also love some of the inland sections too! This hanging moss can be found all over in the woods down there, very different than what you find up here in NJ. I think it looks very interesting when the light shines through it! (I took this while hiking the trails at Myakka State Park, outside of Sarasota, Fl)