A surprisingly warm welcome…


Here is a look inside Edith Wharton’s home. A beautiful and cozy living room. You see the giant mansion that this home is and think that all the furniture will be uncomfortable and the decor beautiful, but cold. You couldn’t be more wrong, Mrs Wharton decorated the way she wanted, not how society told her! I’m sure she stirred up gossip regularly! (Check out edithwharton.org for more info . )

WOW…. way too long….

Just realized how long it has been since I posted anything… well, its been one crazy spring and summer.. we moved in the spring and I had a baby in the summer (4 days after my last post!!).. so now, looking forward to an exciting fall and winter… Introducing Miss Molly.. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this little girl in many posts to come 🙂


A Belated holiday post…

DSCN3744I hope everyone enjoyed whatever December holiday they celebrate! We had a great Christmas here in NJ with family. Now we are overwhelmed by the musical and other noise making toys that Lucy was given! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! (and don’t worry about resolutions, I never do… 🙂 )


Winter Storm: Athena…

Winter storm, Athena, barreled through New Jersey and the Northeast this week. More power outages, downed trees, winds, and this time SNOW.. about 7 inches to be exact. Its been a crazy 2 weeks here in NJ. Fingers crossed that this isn’t a preview of how rough our winter will be! 

The upside… the snow was beautiful first thing in the morning 🙂