The last one…

The butterflies have left our garden. Summer is coming to an end. Here is one last shot to hold you over until next year! Now, time to focus on some fall foliage πŸ™‚



Around the house…

This week I’ve been busy, stressed, a bit tired, and gloomy from the rain. Lucy and I have been hanging around the house, so my inspiration right now is my own home decor. Having fun turning everyday items into art!

End of the week…

I feel like it has been a long week. Lots of rainy weather and cranky days (my 11 month old!)… Time to end the week with a beautiful neighborhood sunset, and start the Memorial Day weekend with a positive attitude! We will have fun at the shore, and Lucy will take some naps! A mom can dream… …..Have a great weekend everybody!


Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” Rose Kennedy

Β This quote is so true. I’m realizing that more and more everyday as I watch my daughter grow at light speed! She has a lot of milestones in her life, but the precious moments are what I’m making sure not to miss. Here she is playing with grandpa’s “to be shredded” pile of papers. Something so simple gives her so much joy! A moment that we won’t forget!

(This is the second part of my submission to Nick Exposed’s Quotography collaboration, take a minute to check out the gallery on his site!)

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Nothing too fancy today, or terribly artistic, but definitely special! Lucy wanted to wish all the Mother’s out there happy mother’s day! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with friends and family! (oh and for this weekend, let someone else do the grocery shopping!) πŸ™‚

So, this is Easter…

It is Lucy’s first Easter, and well, she could care less! It’s funny how that works. Everyone around her will be thrilled that this is her first Easter, and she’ll just be happy to crawl around like every other day! Just wait until next year Lucy….. Happy Easter everybody πŸ™‚