I’m Back!

Hello! It has been 4 years since I’ve blogged. Time to get back into it! I am still taking photos like a mad woman, so I have a lot to share. March was a long month, and in the middle of it we went to Long Boat Key, Florida. Always a wonderful escape. Here is a manatee from Mote Marine Aquarium, it is either Hugh or Buffet, not sure! Can anyone tell?


It’s Lunch time…

Say hello to one of the manatees that live at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Florida. They chow down on romaine lettuce quite often. This was an awesome moment where I just stood face to face with him for about 5 or 10 minutes… Such a beautiful mammal!


I was inspired this morning by Humbled Pie (www.humbledpie.wordpress.com). He posted some photos from Homosassa, Fl. I’ve been there many times to visit the manatees (wild and captive). This is not the best manatee photo, but it is one of my favorites from when we visited Homosassa Springs park. They have quite a few manatees who are there year round. This manatee arrived because one of the volunteers was about to do an educational presentation that involved feeding them carrots. They were crazy for those carrots!

One Year ago this week….

Last year at this time, we were in Long Boat Key, Florida. One of our favorite spots. During that trip we drove up to Ozello for a guided kayak tour, on the search for manatees! Kayaking was a great “hands off” approach to view these beautiful creatures. We saw quite a few all at once… it was all so quick and sudden when they would come to the surface, that I never got my camera out in time to snap a photo of them. While I was disappointed about not getting a picture, I will NEVER forget when one manatee came right up to the side of our kayak and looked me right in the eyes! He was just looking up saying hello thanks for caring 🙂