I was inspired this morning by Humbled Pie (www.humbledpie.wordpress.com). He posted some photos from Homosassa, Fl. I’ve been there many times to visit the manatees (wild and captive). This is not the best manatee photo, but it is one of my favorites from when we visited Homosassa Springs park. They have quite a few manatees who are there year round. This manatee arrived because one of the volunteers was about to do an educational presentation that involved feeding them carrots. They were crazy for those carrots!


2 thoughts on “Homosassa…..

  1. I live very near here and one of the great things the school district here does is take kids to see the manatees. Both of my children loved it – years ago!

    1. That’s great that the schools do that! I would have loved that when I was in school too 🙂 (considering I love it now!)

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