Pretty in Pink…


Hard to believe this photo was taken almost a year ago! Lucy loves pink, and here she is surrounded!


WOW…. way too long….

Just realized how long it has been since I posted anything… well, its been one crazy spring and summer.. we moved in the spring and I had a baby in the summer (4 days after my last post!!).. so now, looking forward to an exciting fall and winter… Introducing Miss Molly.. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this little girl in many posts to come 🙂


Sun worshiper…

An early morning bird enjoying the rising sun. (not sure the type of bird, I’m going to try to look it up, but if you know feel free to share!)

No further than your own backyard…

Here is the flowering plum tree in the corner of our backyard. I had to take advantage of its blooming flowers and photograph it. When I was looking at the tree, what I found most interesting is how it stood out from the flowering trees and bushes behind it. Keep an eye out for more shots of this beautiful tree…. Enjoy!