Sunflowers in my kitchen #1….

Don’t you love sunflowers? I do, and I have a few hanging out in my kitchen. I was surprised to find them at the grocery store during spring, but I’ll take them anytime I can get them 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sunflowers in my kitchen #1….

  1. These are beautiful wait until you see the ones I iwll post when they finaly grow this year! By were my store is, their is a house that the guy has every year sunflowers, well these sunflowers are as big as a hoodcap! No kiding! Everyone stops and photographs theme cause they look unreal! I might have a picture from last years, If I find it I will post, be on the look out! Great pic!!

    1. thanks! I look forward to seeing your sunflower shots, they are amazing flowers. It always amazes me how big the blooms can get… definitely post them when you have a chance!

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