Nature’s Canvas…

Watching the weather this week has been awesome! Just about everyday a front has moved through.. quick downpours, thunderstorms, and rainbows… the clouds have been putting on quite a show!

An Escape from the Gloom….

Today in NJ, it’s rainy and grey. I’m sitting here thinking of a happier time and beautiful weather!  A Long Boat Key sunset is right up there at the top of the list of places to go to escape. The perfect escape for me!

Last winter…..

Here’s a photo from last winter. Surprisingly, I miss this. I miss the cold, and in some ways I miss the snow. Maybe not the 2+ feet we got at different times last year, but at least some snow this year would have been nice! (More photo ops! ) March just started and has come in like a lamb around here…. maybe the lion will show up by the end of the month?

Is it spring yet?

With the temperature up in the 50’s this weekend (in New Jersey), all I can think of is spring! It is so close and  yet so far away… just imagine what these will be filled with in a few months!