The beautiful lighting…

It is amazing how quickly the light changes while watching a sunrise or sunset. Here I was trying to take advantage of the last of the beautiful side lighting.. I like how the coaster and the pop of color from the storage units are highlighted. I also find myself staring at the coaster track.. lots of motion! Let me know what you think!!

P.S….  I recently went over 100 followers! It is so exciting and amazing to me that there are 101 people out there who check out my photos on a regular basis. I hope you keep enjoying this window into my world. Thank you for all your comments, critiques, support and advice you’ve given! Keep them coming 🙂


2 thoughts on “The beautiful lighting…

  1. Stunning photo and, as you say, there is just so much movement. I find my eyes moving all the time whilst I look at it.

    You shouldn’t be surprised by the number of followers, you work is fabulous.

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