An autumn scene to pass the time…


Yesterday we made sure to get out and enjoy the fall colors before they’re gone! I feel like every year it passes quicker and quicker. So, enjoy the colors while they are here… and if you live somewhere that doesn’t have the colors of fall, make sure to enjoy them virtually 🙂

Another Disney Landscape…..

The Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a beautiful piece of artwork! Now it has some artistic competition in the form of Mt Everest. They are both pretty amazing. Put them together and you have one of my favorite views in the park! (Taken from one of many bridges in AK)

Monmouth Battlefield #1

This is a view out over Monmouth Battlefield in Freehold, NJ. We lived here a couple years before we realized how close this was to our house, just about 20 minutes…so much has been built up around this battlefield, it is amazing that they have been able to preserve it at all!

An EPCOT sunset…

When you go to Disney World, there are so many things to see. The rides, shows, characters, and of course the excellent people watching opportunities.. but if you look closely you will find scenic views and beautiful landscapes! Always something new!

All in the Family….

Today, I want to share a photo that my father took on a trip to the Grand Canyon in October 2005. This is a view from the North rim (east end) of the canyon. I love this photo. The colors and detail are beautiful, the depth of field is awesome! My parents keep taking the most amazing trips, to places that I hope to one day go, and Dad keeps coming home with wonderful photos! Photos worthy of framing and definitely worthy of blogging!