All in the Family….

Today, I want to share a photo that my father took on a trip to the Grand Canyon in October 2005. This is a view from the North rim (east end) of the canyon. I love this photo. The colors and detail are beautiful, the depth of field is awesome! My parents keep taking the most amazing trips, to places that I hope to one day go, and Dad keeps coming home with wonderful photos! Photos worthy of framing and definitely worthy of blogging!


5 thoughts on “All in the Family….

  1. Great pic! Funny story, when my wife and I went to the Grand Canyon, I took hours of video (that we never look at). Since then, I’ve realized that less is sometimes better. You captured a lot in that one photo.

    1. Thanks! I prefer photos to video, I think the photos get looked at more! My father found an awesome view in this shot, captured a TON of detail

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